New to Cush: MadFlowers Henna Bronzing Oil

Oh, the power of a great bronzing oil! We have just added MadFlowers Henna Bronzing Oil to our shelves, with perfect timing for the summer. This ‘body oil is the first in the industry creating a lasting, even, sunless tan on any skin tone using natural henna plant oil extracts’.

When the creator, Terah Tidy, introduced me to her creation, I was immediately impressed. I typically use sunless tanning lotions to give my pasty-white skin a little color, but MadFlowers is on a completely different level. Upon application, my legs immediately had a sun-kissed glow I have never been able to achieve with lotions. No streaking, no bizarre orange color: what you see is what you get.

I went home over the weekend and wished I had the product on-hand at least three times. I knew I was hooked. Luckily, MadFlowers is very moisturizing and the scent is wonderful, so the California sun isn’t the only way I’ll be getting tan this summer! 

MadFlowers Bronzing Oil can be found at Cush Salon. We carry the 1/2 oz. bottle and a 4 oz. bottle for your convenience. Feel free to stop by and try it out!

Check out MadFlowersTwitter and Facebook !

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