Where in the World was Hector Rodriguez?

As we posted a few weeks ago, Hector headed to Japan last week with Bmac Sheers. Let’s see what he did!

Part One: Hector Gets a Tour of the BMAC Sheer Factory
Hector flew into Narita Airport, and was greeted with open arms by Sen Yamanaka, the U.S. representative from Bmac Sheers.

Hector & Sen at the Airport

They headed to Tokyo for a night, then rode the bullet train two and a half hours to Niigata, Japan, where their bags awaited them at a traditional Japanese hotel, Okura Hotel.  Niigata is known to be the producer of the world’s best rice and sake.

Hector Enjoying the Hotel

 After settling in, the group headed to the Bmac Sheers headquarters in Niigata, Japan where Hector met the owner,  Mr. Shigeru Fujita, and the rest of the executive team, including Mr. Fujita’s son, Masatake Fujita. Hector and Shigeru had an immediate connection through their shared passion of art and jewelry making.

Masatake, Hector, Shigeru, Bmac Employees & Sen

After getting to know one another, the team took Hector on a tour of the sheer factory where Hector investigated every minute detail about the sheers; from the conception of sculpture, to forging, tempering and cooling.  Hector was thoroughly impressed by the techniquies and precision with which each Bmac sheer is produced, and certainly left no stone unturned in his inquiries.

Hector & Mr. Fujita Talking Sheers

Stay tuned to see what Hector did next!
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