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What’s New at Cush?

We have so many new amazing products on our shelves we could explode with excitement! Let’s start with an introduction to a few new Colure Haircare products! Presenting the Colure SmoothStraight System:

An organic, more natural alternative to chemical straighteners, this trio works together to smooth out that annoying frizz. After all, we just had a 93 degree day in October, summer never really goes away in LA (and neither does that frizz)!

This luxurious, three-step Colure SmoothStraight system is sulfate and salt free, specifically designed to ‘temporarily straighten, nourish and tame hair while leaving unruly locks ultra smooth, velvety soft and color amazingly vibrant’. A certified organic blend of plant extracts, essential oils, aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, safflower and avocado oil ensures that your hair stays naturally healthy, shiny and smooth. As always, these three Colure products were created with Colure’s exclusive Zero Color Fade Formula™. If you’re searching for ‘an alternative, safe and non-toxic way to straighten hair that will last until the next washing’, Colure’s SmoothStraight Shampoo ($25), SmoothStraight Conditioner ($25), and SmoothStraight Relaxing Elixir ($26) are going to be your new favorite products!

Stop by Cush Salon today to check these, and other Colure products out today!



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