Alex Khoeun

Born in Thailand and raised in Los Angeles, Alex Khoeun always had a passion for hair and fashion. The middle child of six and the only boy, Alex began styling his sisters’ hair and wardrobes from a very young age. As a teenager he began to realize that this was something he had a natural talent for, so he enrolled in cosmetology school and began to follow his dream.After completing his cosmetology training in Los Angeles, Alex was accepted as an apprentice at Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica where he was trained in the Vidal Sassoon method of cutting. Alex moved through the program and was quickly hired as personal assistant to one of the top senior stylists at Fred Segal.Upon moving to CUSH salon in 2006, Alex found his niche and has matured into one of the most talented young stylists specializing in unique and modern up-styles, inventive colouring, cutting and styling. Adding to his talents as a stylist, Alex has a natural ability to relate to the client in such a way that they are instantly relaxed and at ease.Most recently, Alex has stretched his wings by planning his cousin’s lavish wedding, down to the last detail.Alex’s attention to detail and boundless talent make him one of the premiere young talents in Los Angeles today.

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