Amy Edwards

As early as age five, Amy Edwards remembers being surrounded by the beauty industry. The daughter of renowned celebrity hair stylist Allen Edwards, Amy recalls always working on, thinking about, or creating new designs for hair.

Working under the watchful eye of her father, Amy quickly realized her passion for the industry. Amy knew, however, that in order to become the best in one of the most competitive industries she would need to travel and expand her knowledge. Amy traveled and worked throughout the country in various top salons and as a platform stylist for Wella. Throughout her experience, Amy learned the importance of giving her clients healthy, current hair and suitable designs to fit their lifestyles.

Today, Amy prides herself as an innovator in hair. From blending her own colors from pure tones, to belliage hair painting, she is always searching for the newest and greatest techniques.

Subsequently, she has recently joined a progressive hair team. Considered the iPhone of hair technology, they combine holistic ingredients that previously were never thought possible by using advanced ingredient technology. They have also introduced the idea of applying color to clean hair. The known technique of applying color to dry, damaged hair with buildup, causes quick color fade. Their new product allows hair designers to prepare hair for maximum color input, vibrancy and shine, supplying the richest tones possible. Amy has also found The Method, by Alan Benfield Bush, that all hair designers use, but is not commonly known, and forges ahead in delivering The Method for educational seminars and programs.

From educator to top salon stylist, Amy has done it all. Because of her vast experience, she can give clients the makeover they have always wanted.

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