Chassi has been lucky to have a multi-faceted career in the beauty industry. As a stylist, salon owner, educator and platform artist, she has embraced all types and textures of hair. She prides herself in having a complete understanding and mastery of hair styling, especially curly hair textures.Beginning her hairdressing life at Cassandre 2000 and a member of the renowned Sebastian International Artistic Team, she had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most talented hair stylists in the world. Continuing at Centre Salon, Intimo Salon, and Estilo Salon, she flourished and expanded her work to include print, television, and fashion runway on both coasts. Bringing all her experiences together, she knew that she wanted her own salon to offer the highest level of service and creativity; therefore Cush Salon was born four years ago. Ask any of Chassi’s clients…her enthusiasm is infectious as she cuts and colors their hair to an embellished perfection. She has energy to spare as she mentors upcoming stylists. What does Chassi say?—”I love my job every day and my clients are my inspiration!”

Chassi has set a standard of quality in the hair industry for over 30 years and now she extends that level of service to travel. DREAMTRIPS and DREAMTRIPSlife offers luxury travel at a fraction of the cost.

“In today’s economy, this is a way for all of us to travel in style at wholesale prices. I also love being able to help people experience true quality and enhance their lives outside of the hair world…come join us on the beaches of the world!”

Click here to learn more!

*DREAMTRIPSlife members receive a 15% discount on all hair services at CUSH.

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