Karina Vega

From as far back as she could remember, Karina Vega understood that the importance of hairstyling and proper hair management is a key essential to promoting the natural beauty we all hold as children of Earth.  Even before being able to pen her name, Karina took to dressing her own hair after weekly homemade treatments of a vinegar, mayo, and avocado concoction- courtesy of Mrs. Vega. Throughout her adolescence, she was known for her tresses and often asked by other girls in class to exercise her knack for styling on them before dates and dance formals. Not before long, Karina realized her calling, and enrolled into a near beauty academy shortly following high school graduation. After concluding her training in early 2000, she began working at Ankh Studio in Encino, CA, where she was later introduced to Geri Cusenza, the founder of Sebastian. During her 6 years at Ankh Studio, she went on to expand her practice , and with Geri’s urging and assistance, moved on to greater heights when introduced to Philip Carreon, owner of the well publicized, Estilo Salon, in Los Angeles, CA. Since beginning at Estilo in March of 2006, she has taken to collaborating with The Wall Group, where she assists such notable stylist as Gio & Renato Campora, Danilo, Jenny Cho, Ian James and of course, Philip Carreon. With The Wall Group, she has been fortunate enough to work on a myriad of exciting editorial, television, and fashion runway projects. Karina’s ever present goal to exceed her client’s expectations in creating and achieving their overall vision has afforded her the opportunity to constantly strive to better her skills as a hairstylist, and expand her services by also offering makeup treatments. Karina can often be quoted as saying that words cannot express how pleased she is to now call Cush her home, as she hopes to gain the chance to learn a little something extra while working on your ‘do. And as an added incentive to meeting this pint sized talent, you can trust that though Karina does cut, she does not bite, so come on by, and say hello sometime soon, will ya?



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