Patrice Perrone

Patrice loves the art of transformation in all aspects from beauty and fashion to internal. She understands how the creation of a personalized style can make a difference in peoples lives. Patrice has always had a flair for style beginning over 20 years ago as a child in her fathers hair salon, she grew up watching him transform his clients, learning and assisting his cosmetology school and eventually his example led her to open her own salon in her hometown Wilmington, Delaware. Patrice has always had a passion for learning and expanding her craft having traveled abroad from Londons Toni and Guy and Vidal Sassoon to Chadwicks in New York and has won 2 international color competitions. From the beginning of her career in Delaware through her 5 years in Los Angeles, Patrice has been presented a myriad of professional opportunities, including runway, editorial, platform, theatre, film shoots and image consulting. Patrice truly enjoys all aspects of hairstyling for both men and women and loves the challenge of corrective color. She really takes the time with each client considering different aspects of their life, personal style and skin tone to create a specific look thats right for them in every season of their life.

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